Funniest Jokes

Did you hear about the two guys that stole the calender? They each got six months.

Why do we tell actors to break a leg? Because each movie has a cast.

Why did the kid throw his clock out the window? He wanted to see time fly.

What did the grape say when he got pinched? Nothing, he gave a little wine.


I rate comment number 1 a 1 because she used slang language and didn’t re read in because their is no correct punctuation.

I rate number 2 a 8 I liked the way they politely greeted to start of there message and how they . used paragraphs to separate the 2 topics. They could of said something at the end like have a nice rest of the day or kind regards.

I rate number 3 a 6 because they used dear and from but they could of punctuated the email a bit better like a comma after Dear Elliott,

I rate number 4 a 1 because they didn’t say hi or dear they didn’t punctuate the email and they didn’t end the email in a polite way.

I rate number 5 a 9 I liked the way they valued the email, started with saying dear and did not use slang language.

I rate number 6 a 2 because they used dear but they used slang words lime lol and they did not say from…

I rate number 7 a 0 they just did 1 useless sentence that has no value.

I rate number 8 an 8 because they used dear and politely asked questions.

200 Word Writing Challenge

There was a brother and a sister Issac and Eliza they lived at the old creek it was winter then, there was a creepy abandoned house an old man around 60 years old lived in there. All Issac a Eliza’s friends told them stories that he abducted and stole children. The only time he would ever come out of his house is when he cleared his driveway because of the snow. One day Eliza went out to spy on the old man then a soon as she came back in the house she had a broken wrist and a bloody nose she screamed and shouted “there was a man he attacked me”. Issac was so worried, as Eliza recovered she thought and thought who would possibly be aiming for her and then she realized  it was the man that lived in the abandoned house. Bang strike “please don’t hurt me” she was crying and crying she was at the house with three other children that had severe injuries they were all locked up and couldn’t possibly get help. The next day the family were aware of the disappearance they all assumed she was dead. From that day forward no one knows what happened to her.